Friday, October 28, 2011

Just One Glimpse

One glimpse of your beauty just changed everything.
The truth of your Spirit removed our hearts' pain.
From one soul to another, Crying for broken chains;
Through your tender compassion you made everything change.

Lord, You pour Your love into us
And make us fully whole.
But you often work most strongly
Through another precious soul.

You formed deep bonds of love
And we joined our hands in prayer.
Seeking hope, peace, and love,
How Your Presence filled the air.

We cannot begin to describe But we'll never be the same,
As your daughters, your bride.
Heart to heart and soul to soul
We are irrevokably tied.

So we covenant to live for the rest of our days
As Sisters joined by You forever singing Your praise.
And should one of us hurt, the other deeply feels that pain.
And we turn our faces upward to feel Your healing rain.

For My Sister Barbie Eslin who prayed with me for the tearing down of strongholds.
I love you, dear one! Thank you for loving me back!


Lisa Buffaloe said...

So beautiful, Karen! How wonderful that God brought you two together and broke you free of the stronghold!!

Praising God and sending you lots of love!

Karen B. King said...

Thank you, my Lise! You are a very close and special friend. It's just that you already have a sister and so does my friend Pat. Barbie doesn't have a good relationship with her sister and I have always wanted a sister. So I believe God allowed she and Mark to fill that role for Bill and me.He is not close to his brothers and sisters either. So it was a God thing. But never think for a minute that I don't just love you to pieces. God just forgot to leave a sister at my house! Thanks for taking the time to read this! I wrote it the night after I called you when Barbie almost left us so I was really emotional and spiritually tuned in. It's probably a little sappy but that was a holy night. Tell me how you get all these people to go to your site and read your stuff...years of hard work and regularity? You are my heroine right now. Will show two be on time???? Hugs!