Tuesday, August 30, 2011


There are sisters that God gives us by birth
As blessings from above.
And sometimes these sisters become our best friends
And they fill our hearts with love.

But sometimes birth sisters do not know our heart
Nor become the friends we might wish.
And so there is left a place empty inside
And a bond that we desperately miss.

And others have no sister at all
To entrust their secrets to.
And that's the way it was with me
Until God sent me you.

A sister by birth is a blessing
But God knew our need for a friend
Who would hold our heart very gently
And be loyal until the end.

For everyone has a need to be known
And accepted just as they are.
Their souls yearn for another like theirs
To be a haven for their tender heart.

So He created sisters
That were born, not by birth but above.
And He sent them to us first as true friends
Born under His heart of love.

He grew them carefully under His heart
And suited them especially for us.
And brought them to us when the timing was right
As a gift of immeasurable worth.

You are my sister that God sent to me
And you know the song my heart sings
And when I forget or cannot find its' key,
You sing it right back to me.

Yes, there are different kind of sisters
That were part of God's wonderful plan.
But the sisters born from under His heart,
Oh, they cause our hearts to dance.

"A friend is a person who knows the song of your heart.
And when you forget it, sings it back to you." Author Unknown

If you are a sister of my heart, you are sure to know it and this is dedicated to you!

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