Monday, May 2, 2011

What Drains You? By Ellen Castrillon

I borrowed this from my new friend, Ellen Castrillon. It was very beneficial to me and I thought you might get something from it, too. Thanks, Ellen.

Take a mental picture of tank with a drain attached. We can all agree that if you don’t fill it—it will drain out and be completely dry—right? The first level of drain would be an anxiety breakdown, the second level would be an emotional breakdown and lastly, the third level would be a complete nervous breakdown.

What drains you?

-too many demand...s at work

-financial difficulty

-relationship issues

-inability to say no

What fills you?

-daily devotions



-spending time with your family

These are just a few examples, but you have to figure out what fills your tank and what drains it. When we get too busy that we don’t have time to do things we enjoy-it increases the drain and shuts off the fill or input. To figure out what fills you—ask yourself these questions—what I doing when I feel most alive—with whom and where am I?

Understand the balance in your life—just like a tank—it must be filled and drained evenly to maintain it. Learn to rest—we all lead very busy lives, but we need to slow down in order to replenish our cells. Find people in your life that you can just let loose on—when your emotions are at an all time high—there has to be someone you can just call or go visit that will listen and not judge you. Most importantly, discipline your devotions. You must spend time with God to refresh your soul. Keep a journal of your devotions. Here is an acronym to use when you read:

S—Scripture—write down your verse(s).

O—Observation—what do I observe from the scripture?

A—Application—how can I apply this scripture to my life?

P—Prayer—write down your prayer according to what you’ve read.