Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Power of One Person

It is easy in this great country of ours to feel as if one person, one voice cannot make a difference. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, it only takes one vote to win an election; it only takes one person caring for and speaking truth to another to change a life; one person spreading a lie to destroy a life. Words carry with them the power of life and death. I hope to speak life into some that are sinking in despair; drowning in loneliness; or falling into the deep dark hole of depression. I also hope to make friends who will come along beside me and help me when I need a kind or wise word.

If more of us spoke up, the world would be a different place. Sadly, it is often true that those who speak up most, affect the world in a negative way and those of us who should be speaking truth, by our silence, allow the world to be run by politicians and people of power who are only speaking to gain something for themselves and care nothing for others.

Everyone has a voice. You may think your opinion is not important enough to share or that no one would want to hear it. To the contrary, you could be the person who, by speaking out in a simple but truthful way, makes a profound difference in this world or in just one person's life. And one person's life is a very valuable thing! So, in this age of computers, where it is amazingly easy to have your words heard, stop holding your opinions inside and share them with someone else who may be dying just to have a friend.

This website (Karen's Korner) asks that you never use vulgarity or put others down. Your opinions are welcome as long as they are spoken in a courteous way. I hope that this will be a safe place for some who need help and a place that brings glory to my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Yes, I am a Christian. By that I mean that I have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ Who came and died for my sins so that I might spend eternity in heaven with Him one day. It is not something that I earned. It is a free gift from God that I received simply by believing that He is Who He says He is and that He really will save me. I prayed a prayer, admitting that I am a sinner and that I wanted to belong to Him and wonder of wonders, He came into my life and saved and changed me. The changing is a process. None of us is perfect. That is why we needed a Savior. It is His grace; His blood shed on a rough cruel cross that bought my salvation. While I am on this earth, my purpose is to bring glory and honor to Him.

You may not agree with my opinions and that is fine. If you do disagree and choose to blog in this website, please be considerate and polite. I will be happy to respond to questions and doubts that others may have but I will not spend my time arguing for arguments' sake or participating with anyone using vulgarity and unkind words.

I am passionate about the Lord Jesus Christ. He has been my lifeline and has rescued me from difficulties many times. He is my dearest friend and I love His Word which is found in the Bible. I hope that many of you will choose to write to me. I love to write and correspond with others and I genuinely care for others.

So please feel free to come along for the ride and let's get to know each other better. For more information about me, you can read my profile AFTER I have time to set it up!!! Yes, I believe in laughter, too, and many times it is like a medicine to my soul when I am down. Those with the gift of making others laugh have great potential to be a real help when others are feeling hopeless. My husband has that gift and he is able to help others to be more light hearted simply by telling his corny jokes; okay, they are not all corny; and by his wittiness and humor. He lightens up a room when he enters! Our sense of humor is not always the same but he can always make me laugh. So, please feel free to "lighten up" this "corner of the world" if that is your gift!

I look forward to meeting lots of new people and in hearing about what is going on in your lives. Please feel free to share the names of good movies, good books or upcoming events that others may be interested in. I am not a seasoned blogger. This is rather new to me and it probably shows. But my heart is in the right place the last time the doctor checked! If you have a product that permanently removes wrinkles, by all means, pipe right in and share. If you have easy, quick, healthy low-cal and low sodium recipes, send those along, too. I hate to cook. I'd rather be reading or writing. But my husband has high blood pressure so I'm always looking for new recipes that can be fixed in five minutes...well, maybe a little longer than that!

Remember, one voice IS extremely important and no one is going to ridicule you here for stating your opinions. If anyone wants to mail in precooked meals....well, that IS too much to hope for!

Have a great Tuesday and may God be with you! Stop by and give us a try!


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